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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the commuters will be riding. >> temperatures are going up today but meteorologist mike nicco says do not put the umbrella away just yet. yet. if you have put away theism umbrella -- the umbrella, break that sucker out. >> so at look at live doppler hd. good morning everyone, we have clouds. it is dry. you will notice it is mild when you step outside. check out how calm it is from the exploritorium to the port. 42 to 55. by noon, low-to-mid 60s and mid-60s to 70 the warmest day this week. then it is quiet. but mild. 56 to 60. there are a couple of chances of showers.
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>> leyla hopefully the dry is good. >> the bart cars are snazzy. from emeryville camera that is toward the eastern span of the bay bridge with no metering lights. the traffic is heavy as you pull to treasure island and it is tickling in to san francisco without a problem. here is a look at the richmond-san rafael toll plaza we have delays with all the cars and trucks collecting in the right hand lane and paying their tolls to get across the bridge. to get cross the water it will take you seven americans. breaking news the man in isis votes known as jihadi john has been identified as a british national. he is the masked man with the british accent appearing in several recent votes beheading hostages. we have learned his name is mohamed emwazi a young long decemberer well-known to u.k. security services of the friends say he was born in kuwaiti and has a degree in computer
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programing. british authorities so far will not comment. "good morning america" and abc's correspondent will have much more on this breaking story coming up at 7:00 right after the abc7 morning news. more breaking news this time in florida, emergency crews are on the scene of an alliance store after a bus crashed into the business. this video came to our newsroom in the last hour, and the number of injuries is not then but several people were soon taken to the hospital. in the east bay police are investigating a homicide in hercules in what is normally a very quiet neighborhood. they may have been at a home all night after a man was found dead in the garage and a woman was found injured but alive inside the front door. she was taken to the hospital in critical condition. police have a man in custody but are releasing few details. two men were fighting in the
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drive. amy hollyfield is at the scene and will have the latest coming up at 6:30. >> new details in the arrest of three men accused in the kidnapping and rape of a young woman. she was hell hostage on a compound for two months in santa rosa. our reporter has the latest from the newsroom. >> authorities say the woman was held prisoner beaten and sexually assaulted. the abuse happened at this house on stony point road in santa rosa. the woman was able to escape when a captor left a door open. she told officers at the petaluma police department that she was kidnapped and a swat team issued a search warrant and confiscated rot and detained people for questioning and arrested the three suspects yesterday when they showed up at the sheriff deputy to get some of the items back. in custody is 34-year-old
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masstory mind, mireles facing several charges including aggravated rape and they arrested 52-year-old cisneros and a 34-year-old avina who were in charge of guarding the victim. the 22-year-old is in a safe location recovering and the three suspects scheduled to be in court tomorrow for their arraignment. thank you bart directors will meet today to discuss possible changes to the new fleet, riders with disabilities are expressing concern that the model will pose serious problems for them. our reporter is at the fremont bart station with the story. >> the new cars were introduced last year to the public but some with disabilities had accessibility issues especially if they use wheelchairs. today, the board of directors
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will look at several issues including changes to the floor plan to accommodate people with disabilities. a biggest issue discovers last year came from wheelchair users and blind customers with concerns of the grips mounted in areas that could block their path. the board will be asked to approve changes in the plans. crowded trains are a big issue for many. bart hopes to address that with the goal of ordering a through new train cars increasing the enough seats by 38 percent. >> i leave the city at 3:00 in the afternoon and i am standing until i get to hayward so it will be nice to sit down. i am on my feet all day at work. >> bart is looking for ways to pay for the infrastructure needed for growing bay area population. "san francisco examiner" reports bart is asking san francisco for $1 billion to pay for the share of maintenance which goes do buy more cars for the fleet of
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future revamp the aging bart stations and modernize the train control system. how they get the money is another issue. ideas include a sales tax, vehicle license fee or general seals bond. first, the discussion of the floor plan on the new cars with the meeting at 5:00 in oakland. police are asking for the public's help to identify a man who badly boat a -- beat a local cab driver after refusing to pay the fare. the video was captured on the dash camera. the 60-year-old driver drove the man from san francisco to daly city and the suspect bolted without paying when he dropped him off. he followed the man asking him to pay and the passenger attacked him. video shows the driver getting punched until he lost consciousness. he spoke with abc7 and does not want us to show his face because he fears for his safety.
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>> i tried to ask for the fare. i don't have any issue. i don't know why he attacked me. he suffered serious facial injuries and is healing. he hopes to return to work. if you recognize his attackers call daly city police. >> new details this morning on the bay area dog owner who filed suit against pet food giant purina claiming the we dog food killed his pet. he says two of the dos were sickened and a third a burl dog, died after eating the dog food. we spoke to an attorney who says that the dogs are not the only ones. he claims thousands have been affected by the dock -- dog food since 2010. >> across different breeds ages different locations, we see one common factor: this group of dog food.
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>> the suit alleges it contains toxins that were produced by a fundings found in brains that can cause organ failure. it is highly toxic and we find it growing in grains and corn. >> the company says it is say. theed if -- the food and drug administration does not commend on pending litigation. >> a poll finds more in california are in favor of mandatory water rationing because of the drought. however, a majority of those poll still favor the current approach: asking residents to voluntarily curb use. support for rationing increases to a third of the voters in the latest poll and 7 percent higher than last spring. support is forecast in the bay area and other areas of northern california. 94 percent describe the drought situation as "serious," and 7 out of 10 characterizing it as ", extremely serious.
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>> more on the weather mike you said it was the warmest winter on record? >> yes in san francisco by over a degree which is very impressive. those records are hard to reach and hard to beat because it is over three months. this morning high clouds came in last night and it is keeping us up to five or six degrees warmer. on the peninsula, chilly at wood side at 40. palo alto at 43. wood ottawa is 44. warmer headed north at 49 in bemoment. san mateo is 48. san carlos is 48. we have mid-to-upper 40s into the south bay and 43 in san ramon and 39 in napa. you can see the high clouds over the south bay at 101 and 880. 623 to 65 at the coast and upper 60 to low 70s for the rest of us. easy our warmest day. it will be breezy this afternoon.
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leyla has the thursday commute. could it be bride late? >> in some areas but look at that sunrise a painted picture. the traffic is not pretty, northbound traffic is building coming away from highway 17 but in the southbound direction you have that to look at how beautiful in san jose. now a look at what is happening on the nimitz, southbound side, at 20 miles per hour and slower approaching the accident, the pickup truck and 509 vehicle were were tangled up. look the at backups they have improve and you are looking at solid delays away from 238 and not at 54 miles an hour but slower conditions from 238 to fremont, it will take you 30 minutes. new this morning adultery legalized?
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where it is now okay to be unfateful. >> the olympic prize that san francisco start-up is trying to score this morning. >> barry zito on fatherhood and his return to baseball. stay tuned. lowe's presents: how to use the greek gods to update your deck. wow, i can't believe you did this deck yourself.
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let's take on the world with 100 calories, snack yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it. >> covering walnut creek burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good thursday morning. it is 6:13.
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a picture of traffic in san jose moving well. it is a pretty morning. meteorologist mike nicco will talk about changes in the forecast for the weekend. >> one sacramento homeowner is causing anger in the neighborhood because his house is covered with swastikas. he did not want to go on camera. neighbors have asked him to take it down but he calls it "art." the jewish federation said this could be protected under free speech but wants them taken down because it symbolizes murder and genocide. >> from south korea the country's high court has legalized adult try. south korea outlawed adultery 60 years ago but the judges say it violate the personally freedom. 35 south in south korea have been jailed since 198235 but last year fewer than a thousand were indicted and no one was jailed. south korea was one of a few
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non-muslim countries that actually prosecuted adultery. san francisco start-up airbnb and trying to get a gold medal: the olympics. the online home rental is one of three under consideration to bring some rooms for next area's summer olympic games in rio de janeiro and they are believed to be short 4000 rooms to host the games and allowing the public to represents out extra rooms and homes could make up the demand. airbnb is not commenting on the story. >> google is the biggest employer in mountain view and they want to get bigger and build a new headquarters right on top of the old google all office space but they will need new zoning for housing. the plans are not public yet. >> the google buildings i have seen through the shared plans
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are impressive but it is not one big large building a series of buildings close together connected by greenbelts and walkways and paths. >> google is following apple footsteps after the iphone maker convinced the city to allow a giant headquarters that some say resembles a spaceship. the google plans are public when the papers are filed tomorrow with the city. >> barry zito is back in the green and gold and talking about fatherhood and return to baseball. he is coming back with oakland after a year off that kept him very busy after his wife gave birth to a baby boy. he talked about becoming a first time father and how it changes his outlook on baseball. >> it does. it makes you have a bounce at the field and going home to a family and being a dad. it does not matter if you are warn out you have to be on daddy
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duty. my teammates are supporters and i texted a handful of them. it is good to catch up and have lay dates. >> he said he is hoping to earn a spot in the starting rotation. he says he conditioned himself all year to be a starter and would not be a reliever. they open against the giants on tuesday. you have to think all the diaper changing...must be strengthening his arms. >> you have to think that. it is thursday. we will see how traffic is leyla? >> well...hopefully the diaper changing is not too taxiing speaking of taking away the taxes from die per sales. the san mateo tying hayward and foster city, more traffic pushing in toward peninsula.
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we are looking at heavier tail lights and they are moving along and probably trying to run away from this delay. it and a heavy backup along 880 southbound as we come away from 238 up to fremont that is where we have the crash that is still blocking a lane and down to eight miles per hour. to hid from 238 to fremont unfortunately, it will take 45 minutes. >> a lot to talk about this morning and we have followed fog in santa rosa and live doppler hd showing three miles at our reporter stations and 2 1/2 at half moon bay and everyone else dealing with high clouds and sunshine. here is a look at san rafael, looking south on 101 you can see no fog and walnut creek you can see the high clouds looking south into the we san ramon valley and we will have high clouds and warmer-than-average and breezy this afternoon, and unsettled on friday and saturday and a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorm is possible with small hail on
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saturday and our setup for today, the high pressure is clockwise flow and put us in a northern wind so we will see low level clouds not existent this morning, and not existent this afternoon after being around this morning and because we are in the warm secretary tore, 70's everywhere today but the exception is 65 at half moon bay and san francisco and santa cruz at 68 and san rafael, and san mateo, close at 69. milder tonight because of the cloud cover and upper 40s to mid-50s with a sprinkle or two during the morning commute. our storm during the evening hours, still up to the north and as we hold to tomorrow morning you can see the scattered showers and best chance of precipitation is in the sierra through tomorrow, and into sunday. we will see the best chance of scattered showers offer either ocean that is where the greatest instability is on saturday morning and mixing in the sunshine, and that is adding buoyancy to the atmosphere and scattered showers could have
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thunder and small hail. as we head to saturday my the winds are coming from the northeast and dry flow is over. if you be caught under the showers you could get up to quarter of an inch, but impressive is at the sierra tomorrow, before it snows, how about 6-10" at least on the higher old vases by saturday -- higher elevations by saturday. it will be gone by sunday. the seven-day forecast, at home with us, it will be breezy to windy and. [ day with low-to-mid 60s friday and saturday and wet weather and sunday we calm down and monday is a slight chance of showers and tuesday and when, a warming trend is on the way. now the snow is on the way what do you have? >> dust off the chains it is time for the lake tahoe report and a few resorts you can see the numbers they can only go up. starting this week this is
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fantastic news, the sugar bowl has a base of 167 to 2356" to 56", no chains required. you will need them. alpine meadows is 18-35" and a base of 30" at diamond, just lovely to get to the mountains and the fresh air. enjoy it. dry safe. have some fun. >> google wants to help you plan your next vacation. >> used cars are for under $10,000? "7 on your side" test drives with "consumer reports" to reveal the best bargains that are safe and long lasting on the road. >> first, we have weather and trafficburg the commercial break.
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>> a look at 680 traffic in walnut creek starting to get busy before the sunrise. we are talking cars. now, used cars that are best for under the price of $10,000. >> good morning, finding a good used car that is also inexpensive is tough. "consumer reports" has found ten great choices for under $10,000. to find the best used cars to buy, "consumer reports"
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scrutinized safety features and goes through testing results. >> we did extensive reliability years. continue used cars "consumer reports" recommended for under $10,000: if you look for a small car, the 2008 mazda three is fun to drive and unlikely to wind up in the shop. >> the 2005-2008 pontiac vbie has room but is a volkswagen rabbit gives a sporting driving expense with nice interior materials for the price. the sedans are more your speed "consumer reports" says that the 2005acu another option is the hyundai or kia, the same car so we list them together.
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model years 2006 to 2008 for hyundai and 2007 or 2008 for the kia. for suvs, the honda in 2008 and rounding out the "consumer reports" list is the 2005 honda pilot seating eight and handles well. >> before you buy any used car hire a mechanic to do an inspection. hire the mechanic before you go to look at the car. mechanics are not just standing armed waiting for you to show up. 9 morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> we are following breaking news confirming the identity of the man behind the mark responsible for the brutal isis beheadings. >> a new push happening today to get silicon valley shuttle drivers unionized. >> police are trying to figure
6:27 am
out why a man was killed and a woman seriously injured in this quiet neighborhood. neighbors have a lot of questions, too. >> our next storm is starting to show its hand and i am tracking it across the pacific northwest with live doppler 7 hd and i will tell you when it gets do your neighborhood and what to expect. >> a look right now at the san mateo bridge, it is packed use make the drive to hayward but the problems are out of this view and i will have the details on the east bay traffic coming up ♪ ♪ with 5 perfectly sweetened
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whole grains you can't help but see the good. try new cheerios plus ancient grains. ancient goodness, great taste. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning. 6:29. how about a lovely view of the sunrise over the east bay? mike only you can do justice in describing beauty of the shot.
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>> [ inaudible ] >> it is not a "spare the air". >> no. i am eric thomas with leyla gulen and mike watching the opening of the clouds and the sun. >> would like the clouds to be thicker which they will tomorrow. the showers are on the way. we will talk about the fog around santa rosa and tracking some around half moon bay but his as a result is above the dangerous level at two- or three-miles. another picture of the beautiful sunrise from sutro tower and a backdrop from the day planner. there is haze over the bay area because we are more humid. low-to-mid 60s by noon. high clouds and sunshine this afternoon. it will be breezy. temperatures are still around mid-60s to 70 and enjoy the mild evening, we are still around 60 at 7:00. each day is longer. leyla? how is traffic?
6:31 am
>> this view is in san rafael a beautiful hazy start to the morning. we have traffic building to 580 southbound direction and the headlights are pushing northbound not too bad to the golden gate bridge and you will see the clouds in the sky but we are not seeing a cloudy forecast as far as traffic. we have trouble in the east bay, a terrible commute on 880. that is ahead. developing news in the east bay police are holding a man in connection with an attack that left a man dead and a woman fighting for her life happening yesterday in hercules. that is where we find our news roar, amy -- our reporter. >> two men were fighting according to weapons in the driveway. one was on top of the other and choking the man of the when police arrived the fight was over but they found a man was dead and another woman was
6:32 am
seriously hurt. they have not said what they think happened or why. they found a man walking in the neighborhood who watched the description of the man involved in the fight so they arrested him. police and neighbors say this is tough to believe or understand. >> really sad. and discouraging to know this kind of thing is still happening in the world today. i have been doing this for a long-term and it does not seem to get any easier. >> this happened at 2:45 year afternoon at buttercup and america lease. police have not released the names. residents are on edge and many are full of questions. this is the first murder in two years. a violent attack on a woman in petaluma. police say they have a 36-year-old man in custody suspected of beating the woman and putting her in the hop.
6:33 am
-- in the hospital. paramedics rushed woman to the hospital and used cell phone to find the suspect. a police chopper with radar found him walking in a creek bed. officers say he resisted and they tazed him to take him into custody. >> three men are scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow in a santa rosa courtroom in a rape case of a woman held captive for two months. a 22-year-old woman turned autopsy at the petaluma police station after escaped after being kidnapped and held captive and beaten and sexually assaulted in a home on stony point road in santa rosa. she says she was held since some time during the holidays and was able to escape when they left a door open. yesterday, the sheriff arrested 34-year-old woman and 52-year-old cisneros and 34-year-old avian. detectives say the masterminds
6:34 am
was barajas-mireles and is charged where numerous sex crimes and being held on $6 million bail. the other two suspects are charged with false imprisonment. the sheriff said this is an ongoing investigation and more charges could be filed. >> a small dove -- devastated community turned out to mourn a baby boy in yolo county to remember justice rees who would have been three weeks old. he was found in a row area of nights landing. she was found on tuesday night screaming for help. >> if someone did this, i hope they are brought to justice. that was an innocent child. >> at this point police are not treating this as a homicide. the parents are both cooperating with police.
6:35 am
>> we have breaking news, the identity has been revealed of jihadi john possibly the most wanted man on earth the masked man with british accent appearing in isis votes beheading hostages. an official has confirmed that he is, in fact, mohamed emwazi a british man born in kuwait and known to u.k. security services. friends told the "washington post" he is from a well to do family and studied computer programing and traveled to syria around 2012. authorities in britain have declined to comment. >> a northern california family praying this morning for relatives believed capture by isis in syria. the woman said her brother-in-law was among dozens of christians militants ripped out of their homes. he left california two yours ago to bring his son and the family back to the up. >> he visits the family and went back to visit the son because
6:36 am
of what happened over there and he doesn't want to leave him over there and he wanted to be with him. >> the family said a small group who much able to flee isis told the family about the abduction. >> apple bus drivers will be joined by teamsters for a rally outside the headquarters. tomorrow 120 full and part time drivers vote on whether to join the union local 853 union the many drivers from the contractor say though face low wages and work long hours to transport silicon valley's wealthiest executives. though say they want to improve the working conditions. last weekend87 drivers ratifie the contract that bests the driver pay by an average of $6 and joined the union in september. >> a four day music festival at
6:37 am
the sonoma raceway has some praising the idea and others concerned. they want to be the home to the any of the music over vent a festival that could rival san francisco's outside lands. people packed and the sonoma advisory committee meeting to learn of the proposal and voice opinions. many say the traffic and noise are already terrible on race day weekends. the festival could attract 50,000 fans each day. it is like protracted torture. >> come on. that is like protracted torture. >> a null environmental impact report to study all of the impacts. >> he hope to stage the concert in 2017 but need approval. many call it a no-brainer but before any music stars okay they need approval of the
6:38 am
supervisors. >> the new cars of bart need to be updated before they roll interest service. >> most popular spreads of dog and find out if your dog is on the list. >> check this out, the oakland maze where traffic is move well. stay tuned.
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>> good morning, everyone, this is the warmest winter ever in san francisco and the mirror of colors on the calm bay water. the sunrise is bringing us spectacular colors this morning. 64 in monterey. breezy.
6:41 am
sunny. low 70s through the central valley. 81 at palm springs, 19 percent snow pack but will get some help. possibly up to 6-10" of snow at the higher elevation by saturday. another chance of lighter accumulation on monday. be careful. leyla? >> traffic commute is destroyed because of a two-car crash. the crash now has cleared southbound 880 at thornton where it started. look at backups 12 miles per hour is the top speed from 238 and gumming up 238, as well. how does it affect the drive to castro valley? not too bad 580, castro valley is not too bad. things are improving. 101 northbound from highway 85 to the san jose airport, 18 minutes to 280 through daly city under 10 minutes. >> thank you, 6:00
6:42 am
google wants to help you ran your next vacation. >> stay in the know with abc7 with traffic and weather together through the entire commercial break.
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grab and go, let's take on the world with 100 calories, snack yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] covering los altos antioch petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 6:44. good morning. bart will consider today changing the future. the fleet of the future, that is. >> disability advocates have concerned with the new train cars that will be put into service. matt keller has more. matt? the fleet of the future is
6:45 am
coming in 2017. some details are still being hashed out. today, the bart board of directors will meet to discuss several issues including changes to the floor plan to better accommodate people with disabilities. the biggest issues discovered last year was from wheelchair users and blind customers would have concern about the grip poles that block their path. the board will be asked to approve changes in the floor plan. bart is also planning to remove the polls in some locations when test cars arrive but it is not just those modifications that have the passengers excited for the ride in 2017. bart promises the fleet be quiet, cooler and more comfortable. >> there are cars that are value nice. there are some that need improvement. >> are you looking forward to the new cars? definitely. bart is looking for ways to pay for the information structure
6:46 am
for the growing population. bart is asking san francisco for $1 billion to pay for the share of maintenance which goes to buy more cars for the fleet of future and re-do the aging bart stations and modernize the train system. how they get that money is another issue. ideas include a sales tax, license fees for vehicles or sales bond but, first the discussion of the floor plan is tonight at 5:00 in oakland. dog lovers, is your dog popular? the new list is out of popular dogs and a new dog is climbing to the top. the top spot is labs for the 24th year and then german shepherds and retrieveers and the surprise this career is bull docks with to two spots number now, and the smaller cousin is number nine. >> united is warning pilots of safety problems and google has a
6:47 am
new way to help you save on flights. jane king has those stores in the money report. >> good morning jane. >> good morning, we are off to a quiet start on wall street today digesting the past two difficulties of the testimony, the dow and the s&p are lower but the nasdaq is up and we are on nasdaq 5,000 watch. following four incidents that united called safety concerns and near misses they have issued a warning to the pilots and is asking the pilots to be more careful. the "wall street journal" says the warning was sent by senior vice president of flight operations and came after two recent incidents where a plane would have crashed if the pilot did not execute an emergency maneuver. the other involve the a plane flying with fuel levels below the mandatory threshold. google has a new flight tool to find the cheapest flight if you
6:48 am
have destination and flexible date you can go to google flights and a calendar to save the most money. it is getting more awesome for lego reporting a 10th straight yield of record profits partly because of the movie. the new movie will be released in 2018. back to you eric and kristen. jane king thank you. >> hazy with clouds. meteorologist mike nicco has the weather. >> haze, that is from moisture that is increasing not from anything that has to do with "spare the air" but nothing falling. a gorgeous sunrise over sfo where we do not have flight arrival delays where the maintenance that in the mid-to-upper 40s and the east bay hills camera the colors developing and the high clouds are dominant and so are the warm temperatures, it will be breezy and unsettled on friday and
6:49 am
saturday with scattered showers and thunderstorms on saturday and small hail. we are in the warm sector right here and the warm front, the leading edge of the warm air hitting the 70s in many areas but the coast is mid-60 and san rafael and san mateo at 69 and san francisco is 68 and milder tone with drizzle is possible along the coast and a scattered sprinkle for the rest of us but clouds and upper 40s to mid-50s this time tomorrow morning. the best chance of precipitation is snow in the sierras on friday while the rest of us are dealing with a few light showers. as the low is closer to have a better chance for showers for the weekend and with the cold core low hail will be possible and 6-10" of snow in
6:50 am
the sierra and a dry wind by saturday evening and rains gone. if we get wet weather it will be up to quarter of an inch and if you are caught under the storms, maybe up to .5" but that is rare. my seven shows brisk tomorrow and low-to-mid 60s and breezy and windy and that holds true on saturday and calmer and warmer and brighter on sunday. >> wish i could say the traffic were improving after the trash but it is not clear we are closer to 50 minute in 238 up to fremont. you can see the red. it is an indication that the tail lights are flashing and stopping to try to make it across the water the dumbarton bridge will be a better bet because the san mateo bridge is slow-and-go to foster city. the puck drops here tone at the sap center red wings and the sharks at 6:15 door opening. expect traffic delays. we have remains accident free
6:51 am
but we have congestion. you travel 101 you can see the pocket of slowing through evergreen at 57 miles per hour through 280 and 680 and it slowed down at the nimitz and passing it at mineta san jose international airport loosening up. who and the face of mlb? we learned that buster posey is the face? it was announced by popular vote with 52 percent of vote buster posey is the giants catcher voted this year's face of mlb. hail we are have excited. he beat out third baseman from the mets who got 48 percent so it was close and with 9 east coast advantage with closing at 5:00 a.m. but we did it. >> bragging rights and he
6:52 am
receives a plaque at a home game. >> he can do the aww shucks game. >> never any doubt. >> back with seven things to know before you go. >> and looking at a gorgeous sunrise with weather and traffic. back in 90 hey! i found my true love livin' in a sweet dream. singin' my favorite song and it all starts with you. whoa-oh-oh-oh, all this goodness... what matters most should always come first. which is why whole grain is the first ingredient in every general mills big g cereal. and why we never use high fructose corn syrup. general mills. look for the big g. it means goodness first.
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>> good morning on this thursday looking across the bay with a few clouds. mike has the forecast in a second. >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door seven things to know: the fbi leading the investigation interest an attack that left a man dead and a woman in critical condition in hercules that happened at a home in hercules. a suspect is in custody. >> three men are under arrest in a brutal rape case of a 22-year-old woman held for two months in santa rosa. the sheriff deputies took them into custody yesterday. the woman escaped the stony point road home after though left a door open. >> jihadi john the masked man seen in recent isis beheading videos is identified as british national. we have learned he is mohamed emwazi a young long continuer a young man from london and a degree in computer programing.
6:55 am
>> and the owner of madonna is explaining what caused her to take a nasty fall at the awards yesterday. the singer tweeted that her cape was too tight. she is fine. nothing can stop her. what a pro she went on with the show without skipping a beat. if you hold to part it is 42 in dublin/pleasanton for the cool spot and 45 in lafayette and fremont and 46 in hair and upper 40s to low 50's around the bay shore and san francisco is 53. this is what you see outside: it is gorgeous. this is what you feel this afternoon, breezy at the cost and mid-to-upper 60 and the rest of us to the low 70's. >> macarthur maze 25 minutes from highway 4 to 580 and the
6:56 am
normal traffic has no problems on the bay bridge with a new injury accident and this is the drive to pleasanton southbound 680, and two car crash blocking one lane. heavy delays on highway 84 and mass transit with no delay reported bart and a.c. transit all running on time. >> would you like to congratulate the giants catcher again? >> the whole team would like to. buster posey face of mlb by popular vote 52 percent beating out third baseman from new york. >> bay area private. >> giants continue with spring training and the oakland a's with barry zito back. have a fabulous day. relax. after voting in different cities across the united states. see you later.
6:57 am
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rica" on the way. stay with us. good morning, america. breaking news jihadi john revealed. the of course maed man in those isis videos showing the gruesome killing of hostages including at least three americans now known identified by friends as a young man from london from a well off family. the hunt right now to find one of the most wanted men in the world. happening now, winter storm emergency. record snow falling in the south hitting the coast this morning. cars sliding over icy roads. this massive 75-car pileup on the highway. and arctic air spreading again. windchills plunging as low as 35 below zero. >> superbug scare. the urgent new warning about the deadly bacteria found in medical offices sickening hundreds of thousands and blamed for almost 30,000 deaths a year. ♪ can't touch this


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